Registered by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, IRRO is exclusively permitted to commence and carry on the copyright business of “reprographic rights in the field of literary works” in India. It is the sole licensing authority to issue licenses to users of copyrighted works of its members, collect royalties on the behalf of rights owners and distribute them.

What is Reprographic?

Reprography is a form of reproduction or duplication of literary work, usually…

How IRRO Works?

IRRO represents the rights of owners of literary works and provides licenses…

Governing Body

Dr. Ashok Gupta Chairman Dr. S.S. Awasthy Vice-Chairman Shri Pranav Gupta Secretary…

India vs. The World

In the area of publishing, reprography is the most common form of…

Still dubious about the license ramifications?

IRRO is doing a superb job of collecting royalties on behalf of authors and publishers. Organizations like IRRO are a way of giving back to…
Kapil Gupta
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The author-publisher-distributor ecosystem may thrive well with the encouragement of organizations like IRRO. It encourages everyone who is part of the system.
Pranav Gupta
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Arul George Scaria about Copyright Law

reproduce or photocopy textual content?

When asked to voice their #opinion on the pressing issue, the #youth of India opines that it is necessary to obtain a license to #photocopy any #textual content.

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