Why Take License?

Enormous volumes of photocopies are made every year by educational institutions, by governments and other public bodies, by industries and associations, and by private individuals. The use of such material protected by copyright should be subject to licensing and/or remuneration.

Potential licensing areas:

  • Education at all levels
  • Public administration – government, regional and local
  • Trade and industry
  • Public and research libraries
  • Cultural institutions and other similar bodies
  • Church administration
  • Photocopy shops and other places where photocopying machines are open to the public

From students and institutes to photocopiers and research scholars, many of us need a usage license for the following reasons:

  • Copy content from Indian and international publications.
  • Reduce the risk and potential cost of copyright infringement.
  • Get blanket cover and eliminate the need to seek permission of copyright owners individually.
  • Avail the convenience and certainty of a single transaction with one annual fee.
  • Distribute photocopies in the secured network of your organization.
  • Scan material and make digital copies.
  • Make digital copies available in secured network of your organization.
  • Make photocopies of a photocopy.
  • Take topics from books for reference and distribute it in the organization

In countries where most photocopying takes place in shops, it is important to ensure that legislation enables licensing in this sector. The exact type, scope and wording of a licence, however, can differ on the basis of the legislative framework of each country.