22 Oct

IRRO License for a Healthy Publishing Ecosystem

How exactly does a publishing industry run? Publishing at its worst can be opaque, elitist, and confusing to outsiders. But, there’s more to it than what meets the eye.

At the heart of the publishing industry lies the ability of a publisher to select the content that the reading public will be ready to purchase, which will satisfy their interests in a variety of thematic areas.

Publishers can produce copyrighted content in print or in several other formats and use sales and marketing skills to sell this content to readers.

We can safely say that publishers are creators, acquirers, custodians, managers, owners, and users of intellectual property rights.

They hold other rights on behalf of third parties in the form of copyrights, the power of which is supplied through licenses.

This has ensured an ecosystem that works. Both the publishers and authors get their due credit and the cycle of innovation works. An infringement is basically a disincentive for the author to write better content and hence is counter-productive to us all.

The direct benefits of issuing an “IRRO license” for you are:

  • Copy content from Indian and international publications.
  • Reduce the risk and potential cost of copyright infringement.
  • Get blanket cover and eliminate the need to seek the permission of the copyright owners individually.
  • Avail the convenience and certainty of a single transaction with one annual fee.
  • Distribute photocopies in the secured network of your organization.
  • Scan material and make digital copies.
  • Make digital copies available in a secured network of your organization.
  • Make photocopies of a photocopy.
  • Take topics from books for reference and distribute it in the organization

Apart from these, a lot of indirect benefits follow the issuing of this license by a publisher. Being in the know at all times about new amendments in the industry, maintaining a healthy network chain amongst fellow publishing houses, fueling an ecosystem where everyone flourishes to name a few.

So, contact us for an easy and hassle-free issuing of license and carry on your operations smoothly, sustainably and profitably!