27 Mar

What’s Your Take on Book Piracy?

The pirates of the books have made books ‘easier and cheaper’ to the masses while it violates the rights of concerned authors at the same time. Book piracy is a major issue which is rising day by day. People go to their local photocopy shops and take out the printouts of a whole book.

This damages the profit of the publisher and author. Also, this damages the will of the writing of an author. An author wants his/her work to be recognized in the market and to the readers. Making piracy of that work damages the royalties which an author should get for his/her work.

With every single photocopy, there is a huge amount of loss to the authors and publishers. We should be aware of this damage caused by the photocopy shops to our favorite authors and publishers. So what can we do about it? Watch out the video and follow us for more information.