03 Jun

Roundtable on the occasion of World Book and Copyright Day

IRRO in collaboration with German Book Office and German Embassy, New Delhi is organizing a roundtable at Blue Hall, German Embassy on 23rd April from 5-7 PM. At the event, speakers representing the government of India, the legal fraternity, publishers, authors, and university students will address an audience representing consumers, institutions and publishers involved in the matter of copyright.

The roundtable will focus on the following issues:

  • Copyright infringement
  • Cyberpiracy
  • European policy update

With the latest update in EU Copyright Policy and the amendments to Article 13, there’s widespread confusion about the rules. Both creators and consumers are unsure whether the update is beneficial or not. There have even been mass protests in Europe, leading to a delay in the rule’s passing.

Closer home, issues of copyright and cyberpiracy have been discussed for a long time now, yet there are many who copy anything and everything without the fear of remedial action.

It is high time that we as an organization and you as a citizen stand for the rights of all authors and publishers. So, join us on World Book and Copyright Day for a roundtable discussion on issues of infringement, piracy, policy, ethics, and data pertaining to the use of copyright.