24 May

Seminar on Reprographic Rights at Vrindavan

The Authors Guild of India, in collaboration with Indian Reprographic Rights Organisation (IRRO), organised a seminar on the Reprographic Rights of Authors at Shree Krishna Sadhak Trust Sevashram, Vrindavan on 18th and 19th May 2019. The objective was to create awareness about the reprographic rights of authors and to further enroll members for IRRO.

Dr Govind Prasad Sharma inaugurated the seminar with Padma Shri Yogendra as the guest of honour. Dr S S Awasthy and Shri Rahul Kumar Mishra discussed the various aspects of the rights provided to authors under the Copyright Act, and Prof. Surendra Kumar of Delhi University shared insights on e-content and its history. Many other participants also presented and discussed their papers on copyright.

The inaugural ceremony was followed by three sessions of discussions, concluding with a Multilingual Poets’ Meet in which 60 poets recited and shared their work with the audience.

The second day entailed a single session on copyright, followed by the Valedictory Ceremony with the famous painter, Padma Shri Krishna. Mr Krishna also gave instances of copyright infringement in Art. Around 100 delegates participated in the seminar.

Overall, it was an insightful session around reprographic rights that helped sharpen perspectives on copyright.